Claudia Cazacu & Jace Williams – Phoenix

When you put Romanian DJ/producer vixen Claudia Cazacu and the suddenly-everywhere Jace Williams in the studio together inevitably you’re playing with fire! That’s just what VANDIT have done though and from the flames has risen the club destroying ‘Phoenix’.

Following a year-end rush hour of releases, bringing with it new studio ware from Las Salinas, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Martin de Jong and others, VANDIT prep to deliver their 2013 coup-de-grace. December 9th sees that fierce ruling diva-of-the-decks Claudia Cazacu taking a timeout from her Couture label and teaming up with Jace Williams for their first VANDIT outing.

Propelled by its piston-ing drums, dark, echoing perc loops and murky, super-subby FX, ‘Phoenix’ rolls out in tech-trance mode. Into the drop the pair throttle back for a moment, letting in a shaft of melodic harmony. It’s a brief respite for the floor though and in the blink of an eye the horsepower’s back. With tension ratcheting synth lines, a blizzard of EDM electricity and equally intense frequencies, the track throws open the doors to the Big Room. Tripping the endorphin switches hard, full-scale combustion for ‘Phoenix’ is only seconds behind it!


  1. Claudia Cazacu & Jace Williams – Phoenix (Original Mix)
  2. Claudia Cazacu & Jace Williams – Phoenix (Radio Edit)

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