Las Salinas – Bada Bing

With Israel Bicher and Shaulli Harrari – better known as ‘Las Salinas’ – Tel Aviv got one of the hottest newcomers of Israel’s electronic music scene. Named after the bespoken beach found in Ibiza, the two talented Israelis are rising stars of the global Trance scene. Hitting Beatport’s Top 20 several times and frequently being featured by VANDIT label owner Paul van Dyk they are no longer an insiders’ tip.

Their former VANDIT release ‘Stone Pony’ has been played at dancefloors all around the globe and took an inherent part in sets of DJ’s such as Paul van Dyk, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten and Armin van Buuren. The audience of Above & Beyond’s radio show ‘Trance Around The World’ also made the energetic track to the ‘Web Vote Winner’ and their favourite song of the show. This way Las Salinas made a particular mark on not only the Israeli electronic music scene.

Las Salinas’ reputation as masters of energetic trance basslines is approved by their brand new track ‘Bada Bing’ for one more time. The mysterious sound of powerful beats seems to be made for the world’s dancefloors. A delicate break filled with touching synths as well as the remarkable rhythm of groovy basslines are a winning combination to put ravers in ecstasis. Enjoy listening to ‘Bada Bing’!


  1. Las Salinas – Bada Bing (Original Mix)
  2. Las Salinas – Bada Bing (Radio Edit)
  3. Las Salinas – Bada Bing (Daniel Garrick Remix)
  4. Las Salinas – Bada Bing (Daniel Garrick Radio Edit)

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