Woody van Eyden and Robert Mint – Seos

Two faces, one track. One track, two visions. The latest VANDIT release, by the hands of Woody van Eyden and Robert Mint, doesn’t let itself be caught into one box. Whether you love the majestic feel of trance or go for the deep, maddening pulse of techno, ’Seos’ has something in stores for everyone.

Throughout the many years of his musical career, Dutch DJ/producer Woody van Eyden built himself a stellar reputation in quality productions, successfully kicked off his own label and brought a smile to each and every single clubber he met. For his latest collaboration, he invited the young and quickly rising talent of Robert Mint. Mint, one half of the techno-duo DigitalMusikanten, recently won a DJ session underwater (!) and showed Corona Extra and MTV Europe that the sky really isn’t the limit when it comes to creating a special party vibe.

On ‘SEOS’, Woody and Robert balance their sounds without losing their own character. Woody presents a tasty Mix of strong, melodic trance, while Robert Mint hits in with a dark, moody monster of techno with a twist of prog-trance! ‘SEOS’ will please anyone into diversity!


  1. Seos (Original Mix) (06:12)
  2. Seos (Robert Mint Remix) (05:39)

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Woody van Eyden and Robert Mint – Seos