Reverse – Endless Journey

Everything’s big in the US, they say. When it comes to the productions of producer trio Reverse, that’s a truthful statement. Whenever producers Gil La, Kyo and DJ Ray join forces in the studio, a big room, energetic trance sound comes to life. Supersizing trance to make it explode on the floor, that’s the main mission of this Los Angeles and Sacramento based trio.

Reverse has been sweeping floors and moving DJ’s with their ‘Distant Destiny’ and ‘Final Fraction’, now followed by a new musical voyage, ‘Endless Journey’. No rest for the wicked, cause this piece of music embarks on a melodic travel to infinity and back. A lively trancer kicks in, soothed by an angelic, ethereal break filled with synths. The beat of ‘Endless Journey’ will keep you going, long after the music has stopped.

New York based talent Matt Lange, still rocking the speakers with his ‘Antithesis’ and ‘Disintegrate’ releases, provides an astonishing take on ‘Endless Journey’. He took the original mix, broke it up in small parts and created a completely different vibe on his remix. What remains, is a sturdy, drum-driven piece, mixing techno, house and trance. It’s got the energy. It’s got the flow. And it’s got everything to rock your world.


  1. Endless Journey (Original Mix) (07:05)
  2. Endless Journey (Matt Lange Remix) (07:34)

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Reverse – Endless Journey

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