Jon O'Bir - Ways and Means

VANDIT080 - May 8th, 2008

During his residency at Godskitchen, Jon gained respect from DJ’s and clubbers

for his flawless warm up and energetic peak time sets. He showed how diverse his resident skills were by warming up for Sasha, Tiesto, Paul van Dyk and many other big name acts. 

As label manager of Conspiracy Recordings, producer and DJ he is totally into the music business and always up-to-date!

His sound is fresh and energetic and we are very proud to release the first single „Ways and Means“ of his upcoming album „From Within“ on VANDIT. 

Paul van Dyk himself turns in a force 10 remix, with peerless production and endless bounce. Neal Scarborough takes an even more euphoric approach, with an ear-feast of lifts and an erupting end. He already gained lots of success for the danceflllor killer „Madagascar“ and completed a full package of unique quality sound!!

The additional Digital Only Remix by Tyler Michaud is a wild mixture of progressive, techno  and breaks – melting into a unique symbiose with the beauty of „Ways and Means“ original melody.

  1. Jon O'BirWays and Means (Orginal Mix)06:31
  2. Jon O'BirWays and Means (Paul van Dyk Remix)07:45
  3. Jon O'BirWays and Means (Neal Scarborough Remix)07:00
  4. Jon O'BirWays and Means (Tyler Michaud Remix)07:15
Jon O'Bir - Ways and Means

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