Onova - Platitude

VANDIT075 - December 1st, 2007

Onova Platitude is our brand new release on VANDIT. It`s showcasing exactly the pulses we are feeling out and about in the clubs right now. Following a focused angle on what really goes off, we have carefully selected the cutting new sounds that we believe really create an excellent atmosphere in the zone of lasers and fogs... 

Producer / DJ Onova kicks off the label with his incredible Platitude. Also featuring a Flash Brothers remix this piece of music has already generated a lot of heat with its uplifting euphoric sounds. You like euphoric sounds and uplifting melodies? It`s all here.. 

Onovas original mix lays the foundation of a boiling storm of a trance track that zips through a Tokyo style blade runner landscape. Squelch groove builds with arp lines runnning the mood. 

Flash Brothers do the remix honours alongside Onova, taking the unfolding story and turning it even blacker with some dirty grirty that won`t be removed with ordinary acid.

A groove that chucks in a manner that is laid back yet twisting the tension spindle slowly and so much so that you don`t realise it`s happening. 

We are now pleased to bring you one of the hottest releases of 2007, with Onova - “Platitude”. This track brings back the great feeling about trance music and with the top notch production delivered by Christian Lejon anybody would be mad to miss out on this classic. 

  1. OnovaPlatitude (Original Mix)07:34
  2. OnovaPlatitude (Flash Brothers Remix)08:25
Onova - Platitude

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