Thomas Bronzwaer - Close Horizon

VANDIT065 - February 21st, 2007

Our new Vandit Baby „Thomas Bronzwaer – Close Horizon“ is very strong as it includes very strong elements and two gorgeous mixes.

Thomas Bronzwaer is one of those young Dutch producers you hear about. He became interested in dance music around the age of 13. Early inspirations were the soundtracks to the WipeOut series on the playstation, featuring artists like Paul van Dyk, Sasha, the Chemical Brothers, FSOL and the Prodigy. 

The Original mix of Vandit065 incorporates an fantastic bassline and an amazing melody which travels you all over the world and beyond. All the sounds used are big club sounds that really built excitement and overall an amazing piece of serious uncompromising music.

The Giuseppe Ottaviani remix has all the known elements from the Giuseppe Ottaviani sound. He has literally exploded on to the scene over the last years. His production skills are unprecedented, his sound is as fresh and energetic as it is varied. 

Kuffdam and Plant have made quite an impact over the last few years with a myriad of outstanding productions ranging from blistering hard anthems to psy trance and full on epic masterpieces. This particular remix falls firmly into the psy trance category as it captivates the listener with uplifting sounds and emotionally charged melodies. 

Close Horizon is a fresh and lively tune to fall in love with, forget about your attitudes and prepare to be addicted to it.

  1. Thomas BronzwaerClose Horizon (Giuseppe Ottaviani Mix)08:35
  2. Thomas BronzwaerClose Horizon (Original Mix)09:00
  3. Thomas BronzwaerClose Horizon (Kuffdam & Plant Mix)07:50
Thomas Bronzwaer - Close Horizon

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