Kuffdam & Plant - Dream Makers

VANDIT055 - April 5th, 2006

The prolific artists of Kuffdam & Plant are back with their incredible production „DREAM MAKERS“. Spearheading the new wave of UK trance producers, KUFFDAM & PLANT have literally exploded on to the scene over the last years. Their production skills are unprecedented. Their sound is as fresh and energetic as it is varied.

Championed by a host of top flight DJ’s including PAUL VAN DYK and THRILL SEEKERS, KUFFDAM & PLANT lit the touch paper for the UK trance explosion.

The two guys started producing tracks together in 2003. Despite Kuffdam being based in Scotland and Plant in Cyprus, the 2 have used the power of the web to stay in constant contact and have established a great understanding for each other’s production sound. 

Their style ranges from blistering hard trance to full on epic trance anthems. This culminates in their production of the latest VANDIT release „DREAM MAKERS“. A fresh and lively tune to fall in love with, forget about your attitudes and prepare to be addicted to it.

On the A Side of this record you find the Original Mix from Kuffdam & Plant. For the B-Side we asked DJ SHOG to create a fabulous mix with his „signature“ DJ Shog sound and he doesn’t disappoint. DJ Shog is famous for making individual and smashing tracks and this remix hits that mark.

Born and raised in Hamburg he developed a passion for electronic dance music in the early 90`s. His breakthrough came with the first production run of the Technics DJ Set compilation, which is now in the 14th edition. The idea behind this compilation is to ask famous DJ's like Talla2XLC, Cosmic Gate etc. to mix one CD and DJ Shog himself produces the other on.

So Guys... It’s going to be huge, watch out for Vandits´ 055 release it’ll be the finest spice of this spring/summer, in other words it’s some kind of post modern poetry which takes possession and gets everyone addicted to it.

  1. Kuffdam & PlantDream Makers (Original Mix)08:46
  2. Kuffdam & PlantDream Makers (Shogs 2Faces Mix)08:56
Kuffdam & Plant - Dream Makers

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