Maarten de Jong vs Artento Divini - Ram-B65 / Hashtag

VAN2035 - September 19th, 2011

Two of Holland's most promising talents unite in musical synergy, moving the global masses with pure energy, raw power and nothing but unstoppable contagiousness.

Both Maarten de Jong and Artento Divini have earned their stripes in dance land. While Maarten rocked the arena's with 'Massive', 'ID' and 'Mono', Artento Divini filled the clubs with memorable collabs like 'Knetter', '4LB' and solo-pieces 'Who's Next' and 'Biding My Time'.

This time, they're joining forces, as they move you with their collab 'RAM B65' and 'Hashtag'. 'RAM B65' has every bit of madness a fine feet-killers owes to have. It's got the melody, pounding beat, hands-in-the-air factor and, last but not least, the relentless energetic vibe that keeps the clubbers going till the bouncers kick them out. 'Hashtag' has that same dark feel, building tension till it explodes completely.

Maarten de Jong vs Artento Divini - Ram-B65 / Hashtag

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