Ben O - Definition

VAN2012 - November 15th, 2010

Ben O has always wanted to wow music lovers with spine-tingling, enrapturing euphoric moments. His passion and open-minded way of thinking come together in his first trance sensation 'Definition'. The British producer fooled around with lush chords, beautiful piano sounds and an electro-styled bassline. As surprising and special sounding as the original is Enoh's rework of 'Definition'. The German producer added heavy, groove-based drums and percussion to the track, while Cesar Lugo backed up its melody with deep synths. No matter what version you go for, these will all give a new definition of trance in their very own way.

Support by:

Gareth Emery, Lisa Lashes, Simon Patterson, David Forbes, M.I.K.E, Lange, tyDi, Jorn van Deynhoven

Ben O - Definition

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