Reverse - Final Fraction

VAN2003 - August 30th, 2010

On the beloved VANDIT label, diversity reigns supreme. The trio of Reverse, the moniker of US producers Gil La, Kyo and DJ Ray, once again prevails that fact. With their new release ‘Final Fraction’  representing the international character of dance and unique VANDIT sound, they bring us an outstanding and stellar creation of an instrumental track.

‘Final Fraction’ is the follow-up to their ‘Distant Destiny’ and ‘Absolute Reality’ and holds sway with a wind of melody and deep atmospheric bass. Soul-soothing sounds twist with dance floor-oriented beats, using the full-colour palette of sounds. We’re pretty sure this isn’t the ‘Final Fraction’ of Reverse’s music catalogue. 

For the remix, the guys invited a guest nearby. DJ/producer Ken Loi, hailing from San Francisco, brought them a strong, progressive trance rework of ‘Final Fraction', keeping the energy constant but with a more-uplifting touch.

Reverse - Final Fraction

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