Various Artists - 10 Years VANDIT E.P.

VAN2001 - August 16th, 2010

10 years VANDIT EP

This year, VANDIT Records reaches a milestone. In 2010, the label owned by globally acclaimed DJ and producer Paul van Dyk celebrates its 10th birthday. To be sure VANDIT fans don't miss out on the anniversary, they now release the special '10 Years VANDIT EP', inviting you on a journey back in time. Rediscover the label's musical legacy - in a 2010 way.

On the first EP release of '10 Years VANDIT', it's German duo Kyau & Albert that revives the timeless spirit of the 2003 release by Modulation: 'Spirits'. Pleasing countless of EDM-lovers throughout the years, all across the globe, made remixing this classic a hard task. But with the years of experience and their own distinctive sound to ride, Kyau & Albert side their remake with the dancefloor-highlights of the future.

'Club Attack' saw the light of day in 2001, after escaping its creative breeding ground in the German studio of Solid Sleep. The masterminds were no one-trick-ponies, multi-facing their releases under the Russenmafia and Schwarze Puppen monikers, keeping their minds open to the harder styles as well as the trance genre. We're pretty sure the VANDIT crowd will be pleased to see 'Club Attack' return in a new, 2010-fit jacket, provided by Irish DJ and producer Orla Feeney. Her techy translation of 'Club Attack' makes sure it lives up to its name - right from the first beat on.

Various Artists - 10 Years VANDIT E.P.